New binoculars: Nikon Sportstar ex 10×25

For localizing birds in parks, in the woods, in the zoo, for hiking and trekking tours. I was looking for a moderately prized lightweight pair. The overall quality is absolutely satisfying! The only little thing that annoys me is that the spacer for the eyes (if you are not using glasses) are so loose that I have to check if they are extended and not pushed backwards. Every time. I already thought about fixating them with glue.

OpenDAFF license changed to Apache License Version 2.0

After discussion with the inventor of OpenDAFF, I have changed the license to the less restrictive Apache License Version 2.0, which also allows the use of the OpenDAFF library in commercial products.


I am going to license all my code base with this license as it is very user friendly and might allow for further development at a company even after leaving the academic environment. This way, commercial partners and the academic institutions can both benefit.