Minolta XG-2 with manual lense collection

Sometimes things just happen without premonition. I knew that my parents used to shoot with a film camera when I was young, but I did not expect that they kept everything hidden in the basement all the time. And now, I got it! Among others, I discovered an analog Minolta XG-2 model, a common SLR with light metering and automatic shutter. Also two Minolta primes at 50mm and 28mm. And two zooms, a 28-85mm with macro range and a 75-200mm tele zoom. Additionally, I found myself holding a Minolta 2x macro converter in my hand – didn’t know something like that even existed. 

Anyhow, after spending 16€ for two batteries and a film with 24 pictures, my analog shooting adventure may begin! 

After short research it seems that it is possible to use the Minolta MD collection with adapters on system cameras like Fujifilms and the Sony Alpha 7 series or Alpha 6000 series fairly easy, meaning without a tele converter lense to sustain focus to infinity and beyond. Unfortunately I do not own such cameras, but a Nikon D7200. Adapting SR mount is possible using adapters with and without a correcting lense. I purchased both in the hope that I can try them on my Nikon DSLR, but expectation is rather low in terms of quality for the converter part. And without infinity focus I will be limited to Portait and Macro fotography. Fair enough, there is quite a gap in my gear here, anyway. 

Expect more to come.

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